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michelle [userpic]

Got me a job!

September 28th, 2012 (02:56 am)

going to keep this short as its on my phone and not easy to post. Its 3am and I'm laying in bed sleepless because, I got the job! (wholefoods) I am so excited. I am going to be a category buyer for them.


Naturally I phoned up liam all excited and he come home with a bottle of wine and flowers to congratulate me. Then one of my best friends turned up at my door with a cake with candles on them to congratulate me and a card from her family.... Seriously, I have the best people in my life. Things are looking up! :)

michelle [userpic]


January 15th, 2010 (04:59 pm)

current mood: calm

Feeling alot more positive about everything now, going to start breaking down the last leg of my weight loss journey, i have roughly another 4 stone to go, so if i focus a stone at a time and have a mini celebration when i reach those goals i will pull through it, its not that im unhappy with what i eat, i was just a little put off by how far i have still to go, but i mean it took me less then 6 months to lose 4 stone, i can do another 4 stone in 6 months, hopefully, and considering i gave myself a two year limit on it, i think im doing ok with it all.

Im still pushing myself to gym 3/4 times a week, and i love how my fitness level has improved so much, walking up and down haytor when it was snowing felt like a breeze to go sledging, it wouldve killed me to walk up once 6 months ago, now thats progress!! :D

So yeah more positive michelle, got to go make slimming world chips and chicken now!!

bye xxx

michelle [userpic]

fat club weigh in

October 13th, 2009 (08:30 pm)

Lost 7 and a half pounds this week...... total loss 2 stone 5lbs

michelle [userpic]

(no subject)

June 23rd, 2009 (09:05 pm)

Well that was rather dramatic i went to the doctor about my eye and within an hour i was rushed to the hospital to have tests and all that jazz, im home now and i have to take steroids in my eye for a week and then go back to the hospital to see how its got on.

Drama Drama Drama!

michelle [userpic]

Honey Bee

May 26th, 2009 (02:52 pm)

I have had Honey for approx four hours, ive played with her stroked her and cuddled her alot.

She seems to have settled in ok at my house already, shes very nosey but any sudden noise makes her a bit jumpy initially but she recovers really well.
Shes pretty much following me around at the moment and rubbing herself on my legs for attention but im trying to let her explore on her own as much as possible but everytime she goes off on her own after a while she starts meowing to find out where i am and she comes running back its very cute.

I love having a cat around the house again felt so quiet and unhomely without one, i think i will always have a cat running around my houses :)

Anyway the reason im writing aside from telling you how gorgeous she is, is the collar debate, it says on the form i got they recommend her not to wear a collar, now i looked up online reasons why cats shouldnt wear them and it was saying horrific stories of cats hanging themselves getting their limbs caught in them etc etc.

I had already bought Honey a reflective collar because she is all black i wasnt keen on her not having one, although she isnt allowed out at night (well actually she isnt allowed out at all for weeks yet :P but this is preparation for when she is allowed out) cats sometimes sneakily come home late and its quite dark particulary in the winter - hence the reflective collar. Second argument is the fact if she doesnt have a collar will people think shes a stray and keep her as their cat....

The collar i have is a reflective collar with a safety catch which in theory should come apart quite quickly should she get stuck, but i just dont know what to do, god its so tough being a cat mummy i forgot about all these things!!!

God knows what id be like if i have children :|

Anyway heres a picture i managed to take of her being briefly still

michelle [userpic]

Honey Bee

May 21st, 2009 (05:54 pm)

current mood: excited

I have been accepted as a cat mummy and will be picking up Honey on Tuesday morning, i really dont know how i can wait that long!!!

Anyway as part of my stalker ways i checked her on the website as usual and she now says reserved, yay :D

Cant wait for her to come home bought so much stuff for her

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

michelle [userpic]

honey in the flesh!

May 18th, 2009 (05:08 pm)


thats her!!!

You cant see her eyes very well in that picture though, in fact in all its a terrible picture :P

she is lovely though :D

michelle [userpic]

Honey, will she bee mine? :D

May 18th, 2009 (04:59 pm)

current mood: nervous

So today has been eventful, it started with taking my mum to the hospital for some radio active injections, which apparently really arent nice, but she is fine now, she has to go back in two weeks for it again though.

Then we decided to go to animals in distress to look at the cats, we saw alot of kittens all bundled up together in the first "hatch" and there was two ginger kittens which made me weep a bit but i pulled it together, then we saw tons of other cats, then we went upstairs to see more cats and right at the end last cat we saw, was called honey a two and half year old female beauty!

Black cat with bright orange eyes and dying to meet us, i stroked her through the cage and fell in love with her, she started purring, and i knew i had to have her, so one of the helpers came over and let me hold her and let her out of her cage and she wandered around she really is adorable.

So as of today i am going through the process of making honey mine.

We will get a home visit and then if we pass that we get to collect her, i am so nervous about appearing like a bad cat mummy, which is ridiculous, because missy had the best life ever and it was a freak accident she got run over because our road isnt all that busy anyway.

But i do worry about them thinking our road is too busy, it really isnt and the back garden leads to more gardens and a path way so it really should be fine but i cant help but worry.

Mum keeps trying to reassure me and saying if we dont get her then thats the way its meant to be (Totnesian philosophy of what will be will be) but i absolutely have my heart set on her, i know i shouldnt.

We intially went to get two cats but she was the only cat we fell in love with, or at least i did, but it does say she should be fine with other cats so maybe at a later date we will add to the family who knows.

I really really hope everything goes well and that ill have honey purring in my arms sometime soon.

Cross your fingers for me :)

michelle [userpic]

A note.

May 11th, 2009 (09:59 pm)

To Jo

Its been a long time since i wrote to you, but i have found myself thinking about you even more so as to not to forget you.

I have met with your brother on a few occasions and he seems to be doing well, hes pulling himself together and hes a very strong man, ive never really known how to talk about you to him but he has somehow always made it easy, he is remarkable.

Everything in my life is ok, in fact generally im quite happy but i do have these odd moments like this evening when i just get reminded about everythng i have lost recently, i think this was all triggered by thinking of missy, and im going to indulge in a bit of misery because i can.

I thought about you the other day i was driving in my car to cheltenham and i got so completely lost in memories and thoughts, that the journey flew by, it was almost like i was reliving them with you.

I miss you like crazy.

I also miss my cat, alot, seems odd that i havent progressed as much as i would like with all this and that i still find myself in some depths of despair. Im really feeling like i spend alot of my time floating along pretending im absolutely fine and having a pretty good time, but then there are moments like this that make me feel like things are pretty shitty.

In fact this has been one of the worst moments ive had since missy died, i feel like ive been hit by a train and that im being dragged along and im not entirely sure how to get back on my feet. I know i will. I owe it to you, and everyone else has spent so long picking up the pieces and trying to fix me. So tomorrow i will dust myself off, smile and get on with it.

If i just keep swimming ill get through.

Miss you loads Jo and Missy xxx

michelle [userpic]

Summer delights.

March 31st, 2009 (08:16 pm)

current location: On a chair.
current mood: creative

I wrote two pages of crap at work today for this journal, i was bored and it kind of flowed, but the thought of typing it all up onto here doesnt please me.

It was all a load of crap really anyway so wasnt really anything to worry about.

I cant wait for the summer and being able to do lots of fun things and lay in the sun soaking it all up, i love it, and im so done with this winter malarky hehe.

A few things i really want to do this year:-

Group of friends go camping on a beach , everyone i have spoken too about it has really been keen on doing it so i just need to make sure it happens!

Go to dartmoor again and swim in the river, i think id quite like to at least go once by myself, my own company, laying in the sun without having to worry about other people, loner at heart?

Go to a festival, doesnt even need to be a big famous one, just any!

Stay up all night on the beach with a blanket and some good company, and a fire!

Go skinny dipping.

Build an awesooooome sand castle.

Do the coastal walk to Dartmouth.

There are plenty others but these i really want to do. See how many i tick off :D
Peace out.

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