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Summer delights.

March 31st, 2009 (08:16 pm)

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I wrote two pages of crap at work today for this journal, i was bored and it kind of flowed, but the thought of typing it all up onto here doesnt please me.

It was all a load of crap really anyway so wasnt really anything to worry about.

I cant wait for the summer and being able to do lots of fun things and lay in the sun soaking it all up, i love it, and im so done with this winter malarky hehe.

A few things i really want to do this year:-

Group of friends go camping on a beach , everyone i have spoken too about it has really been keen on doing it so i just need to make sure it happens!

Go to dartmoor again and swim in the river, i think id quite like to at least go once by myself, my own company, laying in the sun without having to worry about other people, loner at heart?

Go to a festival, doesnt even need to be a big famous one, just any!

Stay up all night on the beach with a blanket and some good company, and a fire!

Go skinny dipping.

Build an awesooooome sand castle.

Do the coastal walk to Dartmouth.

There are plenty others but these i really want to do. See how many i tick off :D
Peace out.