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Honey, will she bee mine? :D

May 18th, 2009 (04:59 pm)

current mood: nervous

So today has been eventful, it started with taking my mum to the hospital for some radio active injections, which apparently really arent nice, but she is fine now, she has to go back in two weeks for it again though.

Then we decided to go to animals in distress to look at the cats, we saw alot of kittens all bundled up together in the first "hatch" and there was two ginger kittens which made me weep a bit but i pulled it together, then we saw tons of other cats, then we went upstairs to see more cats and right at the end last cat we saw, was called honey a two and half year old female beauty!

Black cat with bright orange eyes and dying to meet us, i stroked her through the cage and fell in love with her, she started purring, and i knew i had to have her, so one of the helpers came over and let me hold her and let her out of her cage and she wandered around she really is adorable.

So as of today i am going through the process of making honey mine.

We will get a home visit and then if we pass that we get to collect her, i am so nervous about appearing like a bad cat mummy, which is ridiculous, because missy had the best life ever and it was a freak accident she got run over because our road isnt all that busy anyway.

But i do worry about them thinking our road is too busy, it really isnt and the back garden leads to more gardens and a path way so it really should be fine but i cant help but worry.

Mum keeps trying to reassure me and saying if we dont get her then thats the way its meant to be (Totnesian philosophy of what will be will be) but i absolutely have my heart set on her, i know i shouldnt.

We intially went to get two cats but she was the only cat we fell in love with, or at least i did, but it does say she should be fine with other cats so maybe at a later date we will add to the family who knows.

I really really hope everything goes well and that ill have honey purring in my arms sometime soon.

Cross your fingers for me :)