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michelle [userpic]

Honey Bee

May 26th, 2009 (02:52 pm)

I have had Honey for approx four hours, ive played with her stroked her and cuddled her alot.

She seems to have settled in ok at my house already, shes very nosey but any sudden noise makes her a bit jumpy initially but she recovers really well.
Shes pretty much following me around at the moment and rubbing herself on my legs for attention but im trying to let her explore on her own as much as possible but everytime she goes off on her own after a while she starts meowing to find out where i am and she comes running back its very cute.

I love having a cat around the house again felt so quiet and unhomely without one, i think i will always have a cat running around my houses :)

Anyway the reason im writing aside from telling you how gorgeous she is, is the collar debate, it says on the form i got they recommend her not to wear a collar, now i looked up online reasons why cats shouldnt wear them and it was saying horrific stories of cats hanging themselves getting their limbs caught in them etc etc.

I had already bought Honey a reflective collar because she is all black i wasnt keen on her not having one, although she isnt allowed out at night (well actually she isnt allowed out at all for weeks yet :P but this is preparation for when she is allowed out) cats sometimes sneakily come home late and its quite dark particulary in the winter - hence the reflective collar. Second argument is the fact if she doesnt have a collar will people think shes a stray and keep her as their cat....

The collar i have is a reflective collar with a safety catch which in theory should come apart quite quickly should she get stuck, but i just dont know what to do, god its so tough being a cat mummy i forgot about all these things!!!

God knows what id be like if i have children :|

Anyway heres a picture i managed to take of her being briefly still


Posted by: jabbawokki (jabbawokki)
Posted at: May 26th, 2009 08:06 pm (UTC)

yeah that's what we were thinking, maybe move the litter tray outdoors to start with and then just gradually take it away... i've already made a start by moving it closer to the back door! that's a good idea about sprinkling some litter directly onto the soil though.

yeah we do plan to let them out 24/7 eventually, obviously to start with it'll be daytimes only but when the baby (omg still can't believe it) arrives in september i don't really want a litter tray in here (our house is tiny - downstairs literally consists of a kitchen and front room - the front door opens straight into the lounge). i'll let you know how we get on ;)

by the way - i really love the name honey! ahhhh. give her a stroke from me.

Posted by: michelle (xkissyx)
Posted at: May 26th, 2009 09:10 pm (UTC)

Yeah makes sense with the litter tray with a baby on the way !! (hope you dont give up lj and dissapear on us!) citin!

But you will find that if they have 24 hour access to the outside world they will learn very quickly to go outside without you having to teach them anything really! Definitely let me know how it gets on, i love all kitty news :D

I cant take credit for the name Honey, she was already named that in the rescue center, but it suits her alot apart from i occasionally out of habit call her missy, poor cat is going to be so confused! :|

Posted by: jabbawokki (jabbawokki)
Posted at: May 27th, 2009 05:19 pm (UTC)

omg, i can't imagine life without lj (haha how sad) so i definitely won't be turning all grown-up and disappearing!

ahhhh. how's it going without missy? it must be easier with another cat around?

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